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   "Ancient glass beads" is an online gallery offering authentic ancient glass and stone beads, pendants and necklaces, giving you the opportunity to own a piece of ancient history.  
   To be able to provide you with correct and reliable information on what you are buying, "Ancient glass beads" utilizes experts in the field of art history and archaeology, specializing in the Classical period up to Medieval times. All of our consultants posses at least a master’s degree in their field of expertise. 

   Every ancient bead purchased from "Ancient beads" is guaranteed authentic in relation to authorship. The term “authorship” refers to the period, culture and source or origin. "Ancient beads" guarantees that any item described in the title is stated to be the work of the named authorship and is authentic and not counterfeit. Attesting “authorship” is performed by contract archaeologists and art historians. Their conclusions are based upon credible published academic sources and thorough, analytical and physical examination of each bead. 
   Our inventory is acquired from various private collectors, dealers and auctions and entirely located in the United States.